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Seattleites moving to Mexico

Seattleites moving to Mexico "Onward, the Mexican land rush.

Lured by beachfront vistas, quaint colonial backdrops and a historic construction boom, thousands of people who own real estate in Seattle are heading down Mexico way to snap up vacation homes, retirement villas and investment properties.

Heartened by sweeping reforms in the country's judicial and foreign-investment systems over the past decade or so and heightened interest from investors, many Americans have watched the values of their south-of-the-border properties head north in surprisingly short order"

Moving South/Seattle Times/ 3/27/05 by Steve McLindon

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Anonymous said...

For those truly interested in investing, I suggest taking a look at the smaller towns along the Pacific coast, a part of it called Costalegre is starting to boom, and is just developing so prices are ripe for the pickin'. There is tons of good sized lots for developing and or buying into one of the new luxury condost that are begining to pop up, with all the amenities anyone would need. Barra De Navidad real estate is fiarly new, and North Americans are starting to find this beautiful little town and are realizing the opprtunities for investment.