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A visit to the new IKEA store South of Seattle in Renton

The new IKEA store opened in Renton (about 20 minutes South of Seattle) in February of 2017, and it was a welcome change to the smaller cramped store that's been next door the last 15 years. More numerous and sophisticated displays, beautiful restaurant and somehow, more inventory. It's beautiful!
Download the improved IKEA Shopping App available now for free in the Apple App Store and at Google Play! It's an easy way to prepare for your trip. And IKEA Renton offers free Wi-Fi. Visit the store and log on. It's simple, simply search for the "IKEA WIFI" network on your Wi-Fi enabled device when you enter the store. Launch your browser and follow the on-screen instructions. You'll be able to log on that first time and automatically select and connect every time you visit.

IKEA U.S. is listed on the 2016 FORTUNE 100 Best Companies to Work For® list! We thank our co-workers for making IKEA a great workplace! IKEA is a values driven company with a strong culture that offers an outstanding co-worker experience. We are grateful that our unique culture and values, together with the investments that we’ve made in our co-workers, help to make working at IKEA a great experience for our co-workers.

IKEA Renton wants to play a part in creating a better life for the people and the communities touched by their business. This has always been part of their approach, and it is even more important today as their business continues to grow. Their community support guidelines and application can be viewed online.

IKEA Renton has helped plant 5,000 trees in the Mt. Adams Post-Fire Restoration Project in partnership with American Forests. American Forests is working with the U.S. Forest Service to plant 23,600 mixed conifer seedlings across 236 acres that were severely burned in wildfires in 2008, 2012, and 2015. The plantings will provide important watershed protection and critical habitat for the northern spotted owl.


Seattle Real Estate remains a good investment and sales at an all-time high in 2017

Northwest Multiple Listing Service members notched a record high level of pending sales during April, surpassing the year-ago volume by nearly 1,800 transactions. Both closed sales and prices also surged last month as the spring market kicked into high gear.

Buyer confidence and buyer ability to purchase are fueling activity and long building pent-up demand is being unleashed in the Pacific Northwest, reaching a peak in Seattle real estate and homes for sale.

MLS members reported an 18.7 percent year-over-year increase in pending sales, with the volume of mutually accepted offers rising from 9,590 transactions to 11,384. For the four-county Puget Sound region members logged 8,671 pending sales to top the 8,000 mark for only the second time in the past 16 years.

Closed sales and prices also accelerated, according to Northwest MLS statistics. Across the 23 counties covered by the report there were 7,696 closed sales. That total represents a 24.3 percent increase from the year-ago volume of 6,190 closings. Within the four county region, Pierce County experienced a jump of nearly 38 percent in closed sales compared to a year ago, followed by Snohomish County with a 35 percent increase, prompting one MLS director to comment, "That is super amazing."

"We are still very clearly in the midst of a seller's market and unless we see a significant increase in listings, it will remain that way for the foreseeable future," remarked OB Jacobi, president of Windermere Real Estate. Jacobi and other brokers reiterated the dire need for listings.

Want to sell your home and need an idea of what it's worth?  Give Marlow Harris a call at 206-329-3795.

Glamor room decor

diane von furstenburg rug company 14.png

I am swooning over this Diane von Furstenburg that was on the City Sage blog.   My favorite furniture style is Louis the XIV, even if it's not very comfortable.  It just always looks so swell, with brocade or with leather, it really makes a room


Whidbey Island - Paradise a 20 minute ferry ride from Seattle

Whidbey Island, originally uploaded by mogew.
This is a beautiful photo of a Whidbey Island scene from Mt Eerie.

I have a friend, Lana Sundberg, who built the most beautiful Asian-inspired home on Whidbey. It didn't have a water view, but it was located in the sweetest dell, and she had llamas. I loved visiting her there!

Fixer Movement!

Everyone moans about our throw-away society and we're always scolded to recycle.  Yet, so many things seem to be working against us.  Cases you can't open (looking at you, Apple), parts that are impossible to replace (looking at you Dansko, for not supplying cobblers with replacement soles for your shoes).

Wired Magazine offers an opinion and some solutions to this problem.

We Need a Fixer (Not Just a Maker) Movement | Wired Opinion |

'via Blog this'


Imperial '400' Motel - Seattle, Washington

This was built to house visitors to the Seattle World's Fair in 1962. It was at 325 Aurora Avenue at the Corner of Harrison. "America's fastest growing partnership motel chain. Recommended by Diners' Club, American Express and Carte Blanche. Air Refrigeration, Room TV, Kitchens, Room Phones, Heated Pool, Free Coffee. Free advance reservations/coast to coast."


Purple Power

Purple Couch, originally uploaded by whimsyhomedecor.
This was a floor display at one of my favorite Seattle furniture stores. More cute than dramatic, but I like it!


christmas inspiration

christmas inspiration, originally uploaded by knitalatte11.
Pretty Christmas decor displayed in a rustic case looks so cute! It's so much fun to decorate your home for the holidays. And don't hesitate to decorate if your home is for sale. The lovelier it looks the more likely a buyer will see your property as their new home.


Pilgrim & Native American Thanksgiving

How did they get these animals to participate in this? What a great photo. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!


Building with plastic bottles

Building with plastic bottles, originally uploaded by bryanilona.

The U.S. discards 13 million tons of plastic annually — more than 12% of our overall waste — and barely 7% of the plastic we discard is recycled. The biggest proportion of that plastic waste comes in the form of plastic bottles (beverages as well as personal care products, cleansers and the like) and packaging. How about a plastic bottle greenhouse? Or a colorful outdoor wall? That’s what this sewage treatment plant in Scotland tried, to great effect:

Via Flickr:
I wish I had come across this idea years ago when I was more involved in schools and community art projects.
I have done a lot of strange things with recycling plastic drinks bottles, but why did I never think of building walls?
These were used to screen off a natural sewage treatment area for the Fife Earthship where plants were used , but I also saw a large greenhouse built with these.........which got me thinking...................
The trouble is I don't really drink fizzy pop to get the bottles!


Duvall Views

Autumn in Duvall, originally uploaded by Lorenzo Pasqualis.
Here's a beautiful photo by Lorenzo Pasqualis of the river in the lovely town of Duvall, WA, about 20 miles North East of Seattle.


Inspired by anthropologie

anthropologie, originally uploaded by blushing.apples.

There's a whole 1800+ photo set on Flickr of Anthropologie-inspired decor, some from the stores, other photos from people's homes. Check out the retro TV on the dresser. Cool.


Prettiest Cottage in the World!

The was a sweet home for sale in San Clemente, California.  Kitschy and sweet as pie, this home is a confection of chintz, china and collectables.


Looks like the owner found a good use for some old vintage table cloths when she tacked them over the cabinets to hide the contents under the sink.

I'm going out on a limb here, but I'm guessing the owner of the house is a single lady with cats.
More photos of this cute, cute cottage on Orange County Register.


Handmade Home- doily curtain

Handmade Home- doily curtain, originally uploaded by Tingella.
Here's a cute idea for reusing old doilies and adding a bit of whimsy to your home. And it's a perfect way to showcase Grandma's handiwork.


Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day!, originally uploaded by KDavidClark.


a yellow house, originally uploaded by madelinetosh.
The interior of this home is very neutral, with a few yellow accents popping out and giving each room personality and a lively drama. This would work with any accent color, but yellow is rarely used in this way with such an exciting effect.


Nob Hill House

Nob Hill House, originally uploaded by Ursula Haigh.
This is the most beautiful home on Queen Anne Hill. There are a lot of homes for sale on Queen Anne, starting at around $500K, but this home is unique and I think the price would be well over $1M, if it were for sale.

I love these kind of whimsical homes and have often photographed them for posterity, as you never know when the owner will change their mind and re-paint.

You can see some other photos of bright and colorful homes on my page "The Painted House".


Downtown Fremont

Here's a great exterior shot of the Fremont Tower, which are apartments above the PCC in Fremont. What a fun place to live! Always something to do and just steps to shops, restaurants and night life. There are a number of interesting condominiums for sale in Fremont at any given time, and it's possible to even buy a little house, starting around $400K for an older bungalow or townhome.

Pink accents

Living-room, originally uploaded by Jean Huillet.

You rarely see design interiors with visible televisions, but there it is, at the end of the room, a big flat screen TV. Doesn't look too bad, though. I really like how the pink accents add drama and punch to this interior. Makes you forget the tv at the end of the room.


Heart-Shaped Post

Look what I got in the mail!  It's so cute -- it's a Post-it Brand note dispenser designed to deliver "notes from the heart", just in time for Valentines Day.  This makes it easy to keep love notes that "stick", eh?

This is much more practical than a box of chocolates and something that I'll use every day.  Plus, I'm always dieting -- who needs chocolates to tempt?

Also to note, February is Heart Health Awareness month.  What better way to spread the word than by leaving heart-healthy tips and reminders for yourself and your loved ones on notes from the heart?

Stylish 70s Interior

Stylish 70s Interior, originally uploaded by Beautiful Rodney.

What a beautifully composed photo! I helped an interior designer sell her home on Capitol Hill and she had these same chairs that she placed around a huge antique table and it worked perfectly.

If you have a vintage home, it's hard to go all modern. An eclectic mix of old and new often works better, and too many antiques in an older home can tend to look dreary if the interior design isn't broken up by some modern pieces here and there.


Arboretum View

Brilliant Pink, originally uploaded by fewstingscorpio.

What a lovely photo taken at the Japanese Garden in the Washington Park Arboretum. It is a 3 1/2 acre formal Japanese Garden that has huge koi and you can buy a little bag of food for $1 and they'll eat right out of your hand!


Shades of purple!

purple interior design, originally uploaded by joyoendho.
Here are some interesting photos showing purple and pink in furniture and design elements. What could come off looking kitschy, looks elegant and regal in these architecturally significant homes.

While some Realtors may ask you to repaint if selling your home, I enjoy and am able to sell the brightly colored home. I maintain a data base of artists and creative types and am able to market to that segment of population. So before you repaint, please call me for a consultation.

Seattle Dream Homes Video

YouTube - Seattle Dream Homes

Classic Seattle Box-Style

Seattle Box, originally uploaded by Fnarf.

Here's a picture of a classic Seattle style, the four-square Box. It's located in the Greenlake neighborhood, and appears to be in original condition.

There was a home that was in completely original condition a few blocks from here that just sold for $800K, so homes in Greenlake can be a bit pricey. It's possible to find a smaller bungalow in the $500K price range or even $400 if you don't mind living on the other side of Aurora. Seattle real estate has not been hit as hard as other cities around the country, and prices till remain strong in the city.

Olympic Sculpture Park Slideshow

Olympic Sculpture Park Slideshows

Here is a great slideshow of Seattle Art Museum's Olympic Sculpture Park. Designed by Weiss/Manfredi and completed in January 2007, the park mitigates the 40-vertical-foot difference between the residential neighborhood along Western Avenue and the waterfront below. There are condo's for sale on Western Avenue which give a great view of the Sculpture Garden below. Expect to spend at least $300K for a downtown condo. If you'd like to buy a condo in Seattle, please give me a call at 206-329-3795

Read more on Dwell Magazine site.


Stimson-Green Mansion, Seattle WA

Here's a great image using HDR and photoshop to create a digital painting of the beautiful Stimson-Green Mansion. While this home is not for sale, it is similar to other homes on Capitol Hill and Queen Anne that would be in the $1M+ price range.

I actually have a search for Seattle luxury homes priced $1M+ and I'll add this link here:

Luxury real estate in Seattle for Sale