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Fantasy murals by artist Adriane Headley

Adriane Headley, a Boise, Idaho muralist, has been doing various forms of art professionally for forty years.  Within that time, she has painted over 500 murals, all across the country. Adriane's done a ceiling in a lottery winners home, a replica of Monticello and she has painted event centers, attorneys offices, vacation homes, exterior walls, children's rooms, and even swimming pools. From billionares to mobile home owners, Adriane has a design for everyone.

One of her most recent commissions was a mural for her daughter, novelist Maria Dahvana Headely and her husband, playwright Robert Schenkkan.  Before starting the project, she asked them questions about what they liked and they talked a bit about what kind of mural they would want, what sort of imagery they would like to live with.  They ended up choosing a fantasy mural, including birds, flowers, animals and theatrical players. 

Murals are Adriane's mainstay and she often does a mural in a home and then ends up selling her more personal canvas work to the same people. The mural work is usually a collaboration between the client and her own vision, but the client often uses her ideas as fuel to really play with the project. 

Maria's and Robert's room was a 6 layer process, which gives more of an old fashioned oil painting look to the walls. Says Adriane,  "You get light reflected through the layers. I used large amounts of bird books to find the right birds. This mural was a wedding gift so it took a few trips to get it done within my schedule. We put the cats in as well as a peacock from Maria's early life."

Adriane has raised 3 accomplished children and is now free enough to begin pursuing mural art around the country.  If you'd like to reach her, you can visit her webpage at ALHE Studios.

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