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Home Trends - Outdoor Living in Seattle

A Seattle homeowner’s experience doesn’t stop at the back door. With leisure time and entertaining moving seamlessly from indoors to out, creating an outdoor “room” remains high on the list of must-haves.

As the passion for outdoor living continues to grow and evolve, many Seattle and Bellevue-area homeowners have upped the ante on their desire for al fresco design and style. This very lifestyle-driven trend, borne from a marriage between the love of all things natural and a natural affinity for creature comforts, has blurred the line between inside and out-in every market and every climate zone-as the craving for creating a “whole home” experience and harmonized outdoor spaces ramps up. Just as for the inside of the home, an outdoor space plan should be driven by the family’s needs and activities-typically cooking, dining and relaxing-and of course, the budget and expected ROI-both financial as well as emotional.