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Count Kody Entertains at the Ruby Royale Broadway Grill

Our friend Count Kody is a party planner supreme, and he recently had a fabulous party at the Broadway Grill, where he created an artful entertainment installation with the theme "Ruby Royale".  His website, details his involvement with party planning all over the world.

He can transform any space into a glamorous party palace and he decorates with style and panache.  Sometimes, you'll find that this is just what your Seattle home needs, a little glitz and glamour to make it really shine.  And every home looks better with candlelight!


Exciting furnishings in at Neiman Marcus in Bellevue

Seattle and Bellevue has waited and Neiman Marcus delivers with there new store at the Bravern. Fabulous style, deluxe materials, marvelous decor, the style does not disappoint.

The iconic style has come to the Northwest and all is well with the world.

While some pundits have questioned whether or not the Seattle area can support these luxury stores, there is no

question that residents of the
Pacific Northwest have the quality of taste. But will they open their pocketbooks to make the purchase?

Luxury velvets, plush fabrics embrace classic designs. These would look fabulous in anyones home. But will New York glamor translate and move well to this soggy corner of the country?

When I was growing up, ostentatious displays of wealth were frowned upon here, and there was nary a BMW or Mercedes on the road. Now luxury autos, diamond jewelry and trophy mansions are the mode of the day, and no one blinks when someone shows up in designer clothes.

So Neiman Marcus may indeed find an audience in the nueuvo riche suburbs of Bellevue, Medina and Kirkland. And maybe a few Seattleites will even cross the bridge to take a peek!  If you've got yourself a wonderful home or are looking to buy Seattle real estate, you definitely want to take a look at this beautiful furniture collection.